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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Rainy days make me think about our mortality

Rainy days make me think about our mortality. 

When I was on the subway today a man got on and started singing that song that goes “piensa en mi, llora por mi, llámame a mi no lo llames a el." It was so moving. I always regret not having cash when that happens. 

I pictured the days when I cared about that stuff. When I was seeing two guys, trying to decide on who to pick, and it felt like the end of the world to pick the wrong one. This was in high school. College. 

3 years ago. 

Love pains never end. I pictured the future. Maybe I’ll have a daughter who will become a teenager and go through that and withhold it from me. 

Wow. Parents do think of us as an extension of them. 

I suddenly wish I could've savored those moments even more. Is there anything more passionate than begging for someone’s love as we try to make sense of the void within us? 

It’s raining outside. So yes I’m thinking about death and grayness. 

Yes. That feeling does happen again when we lose those we fought so hard to love. 

How tragic. 


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