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Friday, March 25, 2016

Andre Veloz: La Bachatera Transforming the Genre

Photo by Rachel Rednor

I recently interviewed the all-around bad-ass Andre Veloz for La Galería Magazine. As a fellow Santiaguera, meeting her felt like reconnecting with home. During the interview, she shared how bachata brings people together in the diaspora even if it wasn't always recognized within the Dominican Republic, she shares her drive and process, and some of her own personal life story. 

Here's an excerpt:

La Fosforera is actively seeking to shift the narrative through her music. In one of her songs she wrote: “In an unequal world that censors women/ the dicha of being born a girl brings about a difficult task/ And even though everyone was once a woman’s child/there are those who forget and torture a woman”(translated from Spanish)
Andre Veloz explains that she resents the lack of women and women’s narratives in bachata. There are very little women and it seems that even when there are women, they’re partnered up with a man.
 “Did you notice that in bachata there’s no woman alone? And when there’s a woman it has to be next to a man? Like Monchy y Alexandra, Carlos y Alejandra, and now Monchy y Natalia. The role of women is, ‘oh you’re good company, back-up singing and eye candy’ but very few are female leads, solos artists, or band leaders” she explains. “Because I take pride in being the boss” she added with a smirk. “Yeah, when I’m the boss, a few musicians have already called me a bitch so I know I’m doing something right”. The artist Alexandra did go solo after separating from “Monchy y Alexandra”, though her career has yet to become mainstream. “I admire Alexandra, we haven’t done her talent justice”, she says of La Reina de La Bachata, “I believe her talent needs to be more recognized.”

Read the full interview here. 

Andre Veloz performs at Tilila. Photos by Amanda Alcantara for La Galería Magazine


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