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Friday, February 14, 2014

Let Lido Pimienta Spice Up Your Day

I cried watching this video. You see, besides the awesome beats & lyrics that definitely took me back to places (uh oh), I kinda think I look like Lido Pimienta. And I don't mean that in an "OMG, She's so  hot, I wanna look like her" type of way (although I wouldn't rule that out); I mean it in an "Yes, finally someone who represents women who look like me" type of way when it comes to age, skin tone, hair type, body-type, height, etc. Lido is from Barranquilla, Colombia but she currently lives in Canada.

The first time I listened to her I didn't fall in love immediately, but I wanted to so badly that I kept following up on her work, and saw that she had dropped this.

In an interview in Spanish with Panamerika FM, they asked her to state what the following words meant to her:

"Colombia: My Life
La Rata: Bad government- consumer society
Progreso: Working collectively

Amor: My son Lucian"
She's awesome, so enough talking, here's the video that I'm talking about. Sigue brillando hermana!

Reza Por Mi Feat. Lido Pimienta - Atropolis :: Music Video from Jon Agua on Vimeo.

(Also, she just tweeted about #freepalestine, fuck yes!)



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