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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Problems of a new activist (originally on instagram so sorry for the typos)

This is me today. It was 1pm and I was still in bed. That's what happens when u have zero motivation to get up because u can't find a good job. Your friends have become distant because of busyness and change of interests. I've changed a lot too. I've become too radical for a lot of people. And even though I've met awesome new people who r politically involved and filled with beauty and strength, it's not the same as those good old friends who now feel so distant. What would u say if I told u that I dont believe in God but in spirituality and that I respect your beliefs in Him as long as its not hurting you (I'm pro-choice)? That I don't believe in romance or marriage as much as I believe in relationships? That gender pronouns can be self-determined? That I won't become intimidated if you call me a slut (I'm all for sexual freedom)? That I don't believe in words but in actions? That I dislike Obama.  That I believe in mutual growth rather than competition? That I think I'm pretty awesome and I'm tired of fear of being told that I'm conceited for acknowledging that I'm beautiful, intelligent, talented and that all women should feel that way rather then try to be humble and let others say it?

These feelings are prevalent in a lot of people who've just become political. Once you let go of the mainstream ideas and start questioning everything from movies and songs to food labels, you can become distant. It is difficult, but it is not an end. It is rather a transitioning period. Right now, unlike other times in my life, I at least know a lot about myself, my potential and what I want.

And what I want is a loving work environment, loving friends, and just loving people around me. It takes time, but those spaces exist. All we need is patience. 


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