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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Every new season comes with a feeling of nostalgia. And yet this summer I feel so alive. As if the world is at my fingertips. Love it. I'm not even sure how to write an entire paragraph about this. So, let's go with random words:

Be free
To spend or not to spend
Even if I work all day, the night's still young.
Even if I work at night, daytime is just bliss.
Sulk under the sun
Sun = energy
Drinks lots of beer and raspberry vodka
Food food food
Water=heavenly delight
Rainy summer days
Organic music
Raw music
Drums, guitars, pianos all live

I heard a song recently that starts off beautifully romantic, and ends by reminding people that some things can outlast love like hunger. I shall do the same right now by saying don't forget to keep standing up for your rights this summer. Yes, it's all good and fun but in the end tons don't have those same opportunities. All of our hands our tied, I guess this season just gives us a reason to want to escape our cubicles.


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