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Sunday, April 21, 2013

I think I'm getting old

I am over so many things.

I'm over paying ridiculous cover charge to go dancing only to have to stop guys from grinding on me.
I'm over drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk.
I'm over short short skirts that keep requiring me to pull them down.
I'm over late nights in the cold.
I'm over dudes treating me like some sort of object.
I'm over sexism overall.
I'm over this bullshit government- especially Obama- can't believe I voted for him!
I'm over hangovers.
Did I mention being over standing out in the cold?
I'm over eating myself into a comma with sweets.
I'm over McDonald's and Burger King
I'm over books that are "girly" (ex-Twilight fan)
I'm over people stamping "thank you God" on everything just to seem more humble (nothing wrong with acknowledging your hard work).
I'm over the word bitch.
I'm over judging people, period. (Really though, stop with the stupid memes about not caring about haters or quotes about not being like other women...spread the love).
I'm over dating conversations. Just stop playing or worrying so much, if you like someone say it or ask them out, and if they make you look/feel  bad about it then you can stop liking them because clearly that person isn't worth it.
I'm over being broke.
I'm over being so busy all the time

Well... at least there are some things I'm still and newly into:

Beer and red wine
Late night talks
Early morning runs
gym gym gym
Frozen yogurt
Greek yogurt
Bars with no cover charge
Gay bars
Salsa night
Political conversations
New friends
Old friends
Feminist websites
The words sister, brother, friend, comrade, partner.
Olive Oil
Books found in flea markets
Living Social
Willingness to travel + putting in hard work to make it happen
How so many heroes emerge in times of darkness
How much people care
How alike we all really are
Instagram and how it gives us the ability to self-love
Peanut Butter
Family <3


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